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The Arizona HIDTA Investigative Support Center (ISC) is a combined Federal, state, local, and tribal intelligence and information sharing Initiative.  The ISC facilitates intelligence sharing among law enforcement agencies through the systematic collection, analysis, and dissemination of secure, accurate, and timely intelligence. 

This cooperative model of sharing promotes interagency communication and coordination of activity regarding counter-drug efforts; enhances officer safety through deconfliction; eliminates duplication of effort; and is critical to combating the increasing threat of narcotics traffickers and criminal organizations.

The Arizona HIDTA ISC provides operational, tactical, and strategic support to investigations conducted by the HIDTA Initiatives.  The ISC also supports the National HIDTA strategy and goals by developing intelligence related to regional, national, and international drug trafficking threats. 

The dissemination of actionable intelligence, along with ongoing case support and drug trend/threat analysis, enables Arizona law enforcement entities to disrupt and dismantle drug trafficking organizations and other associated criminal groups at the highest level, substantially reducing the flow and distribution of illicit drugs and drug proceeds into and through Arizona.

The Arizona ISC consists of four units:

Research, Leads and Targeting (RLT)
The RLT unit researches and deconflicts information to the fullest extent using all available investigative and analytical tools.  Using a systematic approach, phone numbers, names, addresses, seizure data, license plates and other identifying information are queried against Case Explorer, criminal databases, motor vehicle files, state systems, open source databases, federal proprietary databases, EPIC and phone deconfliction systems, such as DICE and DARTS, to fully identify investigative overlaps and provide intelligence products to law enforcement.

Case Support
The Case Support unit provides analytical case support to HIDTA Initiative investigations ranging from telephone toll analysis, pen register analysis, Title III analysis, and seizure analysis.  The Case Support unit also identifies overt acts, stash house locations, sources of supply, organizational members and co-conspirators, trafficking routes and methods, relevant seizure information and key events, links to other investigations, and provides investigators with potential targets and relevant information to expand the investigation.

Threat Analysis and Production
The Threat Analysis and Production unit prepares and disseminates a range of strategic products pertaining to drug trends, drug availability, price changes, smuggling methods and changes, trafficking routes, emerging drug threats, officer safety issues, and drug trafficking organizations most impacting Arizona law enforcement.

Interdiction Response Group (IRG)
The IRG provides 24/7 real-time analytical support to interdictors and investigators.  IRG analysts exploit the most appropriate criminal systems and intelligence databases and provide a quick response to interdictors to help them obtain reasonable suspicion, or probable cause, to search a vehicle.  Pursuant to the seizure, the IRG provides first level analytical support using all available intelligence systems to enhance the initial investigation.



Research, Leads and Targeting (RLT)

Case Support

Threat Analysis and Production

Interdiction Response Group

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